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  • Barcelona Airport, also known as the Airport El Prat, is located 13 km southwest of Barcelona. It is the largest airport in Catalonia and the second largest airport in Spain. Spanair and Vueling Airlines have their base at the airport. In addition, they offer most of Air Europa and Iberia air tickets. Flights to Barcelona come mainly from Europe, North Africa, Southeast Asia, and America. These routes utilized more than 29 million passengers in 2010. The city of Barcelona is connected with the airport by regular bus connections, aerobuses that have departures from the airport every 5 minutes. The journey to the center takes about 35 minutes. Simultaneous access to the city is also provided by the city's public transport. At Terminal 2 there is a train station, from which regular trains runs to Barcelona. The car ride takes approximately 15 minutes to the center.
La Sagrada Familia v Barcelone -

Interesting information about Barcelona

  • Barcelona is one of the most fascinating cities in Europe, but also in the world. This metropolis of Catalonia annually visits several million tourists, who are especially attracted by Barcelona architecture, nightlife or museums. Barcelona is the easiest to get by air. Flights to Barcelona are also available from Bratislava. Apart from traditional attractions, Barcelona offers several attractions that most visitors do not even know. Let's look at some of them.
  • Barcelona beaches are artificial – Whoever traveled through the European cities certainly noticed that Barcelona has some of the most beautiful beaches. Many travel magazines give Barcelona even the top spot among the city's beaches. The beautiful Barcelona beaches are artificial. Before 1992, only a large number of manufacturing plants were in their place. Everything has changed with the Olympic Games. Barcelona has built massive relaxation zones on its coast. Today you will find a total of seven beaches in the city – along with a length of more than 4 and a half kilometers. There are plenty of bars and other attractions on the beach.
  • La Sagrada Familia builds longer than the Egyptian pyramids – Ancient Egyptians took the pyramids for about 20 years. With a minimum of tools. The cornerstone of La Sagrada Familia was laid out in 1882. The construction of this mega church lasts more than a hundred years. At the same time, in 2010, the workers moved only to the second half. The largest building challenges of the cathedral are still waiting. La Sagrada Familia should be completed in 2026 – the anniversary of the death of the chief architect – Antoni Gaudí. La Sagrada Familia is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, although we will have to wait a year to finish it. The cathedral is also interested in its height. Respectively planned height. La Sagrada Familia will measure exactly 984 meters after finishing. This height is not accidental at all. It stems from the thoughts that the Gaudi himself believed. He was convinced that the highest point of the city should be a natural structure. In the case of Barcelona, ​​it is the Montjuic Hill, whose highest point is 984 meters above sea level.
  • The most visited museum of Barcelona is the FC Barcelona Museum – Visits to museums may not always be boring. In Barcelona it is worth a hundred percent. Barcelona's FC Barcelona's famous Nou Camp festival annually visits almost 2 million tourists. This museum is the most visited in Barcelona and the third most visited in all of Spain. Even thanks to this museum, FC Barcelona is among the richest clubs in the world. In this museum, almost half a billion euros are turned annually. Every football club in the world stands and falls on its fans. Barcelona has one of the best and most fervent fans around the world who have no problem traveling thousands of kilometers to their beloved club. FC Barcelona was established in 1899. The famous Nou Camp stadium, with its capacity of 100,000 spectators, is the largest in Europe.

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