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Bulharsko - pobrežie -
Bulgaria is located in Southeast Europe. It has an important historical location as it was an important business center in the past. The population is 7.36 million, most of which is concentrated in cities. The cultural and economic center is the capital city Sofia. Bulgaria is a parliamentary republic and also a member of the European Union, the Council of Europe and NATO. The culture in Bulgaria includes mainly the Slavic and Bulgarian heritage, in which the traces of Roman, Greek or Ottoman culture can be found. The economy of the country significantly affects tourism. Bulgaria visits more than 8.9 million tourists annually. Tourists have the opportunity to participate in various ecotourism and adventure tours, as well as discover the archaeological and historical landmarks of the countryside. Thanks to its warm, warm climate, the Black Sea coast attracts more and more tourists every year. Through our site you can book direct flights to Bulgaria departing from Košice or Bratislava.

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