Flights to France

Basic information

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The French Republic is the largest country in Western Europe along with several overseas territories and islands. France has significant economic, military and cultural impacts over the past 500 years not only in Europe but also in the world. France is considered to be the most visited tourist destination in the world. More than 78.95 million tourists visit it annually. Thanks to its unique cultural and historical sights, it is a popular tourist destination all over the world. In the UNESCO World Heritage List, France has 37 seats. Besides famous places like Paris or Toulouse, there are also ski resorts in France, seaside resorts as well as peaceful rural areas.

Top Attractions in France

The most visited city in the world is the capital city of France, Paris. It is home to many major museums, the most famous of which is the Louvre, as well as the world-famous monuments of the Eiffel Tower, the Notre-Dame Cathedral or the Arc de Triomphe.
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The second most popular tourist destination is the French Riviera. There are many sunny beaches, pleasant climate and tourists have the opportunity to enjoy also more than 14 ski resorts or 18 golf courses. An important tourist area is the Aiguille du Midi in the French Alps. Tourists are visiting popular ski resorts and can also watch the Tour de France cycle tour every year. The most popular attractions in France are tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, the Versailles Palace or the Louvre Museum. A large number of tourists also visit the popular Disneyland theme park in Paris each year.