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Palma de Mallorca -
  • The largest island of Balears is Mallorca, located in the western Mediterranean. The main city is Palma de Mallorca. The dominant feature of this town is the historical monuments near the harbor. The beaches of this island are high quality and appreciated every year by the European Environmental Foundation.
  • Palma de Mallorca Airport is an airport located 8 km from the city and is considered to be the gateway to the island. This international airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe during the main summer season. The best-selling tickets (1 million / year) are for flights to Barcelona and Madrid-Barajas respectively. for flights to Düsseldorf and Manchester (700,000 / year). Flights to Mallorca used a total of 21.1 million passengers in 2010, representing 12,000 passengers per hour. The airport currently has several terminals. Terminal A, built in 1962, serves primarily for and Niki flights. Terminals B, C and D are intended for international flights of other companies. Terminal B is mainly used by Air Nostrum. The largest is terminal C, but its southern part is currently closed, so some flights have been redirected to the remaining terminals.

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