Flights to Miami

Miami - pohľad z lietadla
  • Miami International Airport is located in Florida, 13 miles from Miami subway. The airport uses as its base several airlines, such as American Airlines, Executive Airlines and Gulfstream Interantional Airlines. Miami Airport offers not only flights across America, but also to Europe, the Canary Islands and the African coast. The airport is considered as the gateway to Latin America as it offers mainly flights within Latin America. There are free bus services between the airport and nearby metro stops. These bus stops are located for sector E of the main airport terminal. The 2 nearest metro stops are just 5 minutes away by bus from the airport. For a more convenient way of traveling, the airport offers the possibility of renting a car. There are 17 car rentals at the airport, which, besides the regular cars, offer the possibility of renting a limousine with the driver.