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Spain with the official name of the Kingdom of Spain is located in south-west Europe. Spain is the fourth largest country in Europe. It has a well-developed economy and a high standard of living. Spain governs the parliamentary form of government within the constitutional monarchy. The country is also a member of the European Union, the United Nations, NATO and the OECD. Spain as a tourist destination is a popular destination in the summer months. The country most visited by the inhabitants of the British Isles, Central Europe or France. In 2007, Spain was the second most visited country in the world after France. Beaches along the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, along with the year-round pleasant climate, attract many tourists every year. The most famous seaside resorts are Barcelona, ​​which also has the largest port in Spain, Salou, Costa Brava, Costa Daurada and Costa del Maresme. In addition to seaside and seaside resorts, Spain offers many historic sites. The major destinations include the capital Madrid and Barcelona. In Spain, 42 sites of UNESCO World Heritage have been declared, of which 14 are Cordoba, Avila, Ibiza, Santiago de Compostela and Toledo. Spain also has an interesting natural environment. There are several national parks such as Picos de Europa National Park, Doñana National Park and Daimiel National Park. In Spain there is also an important archaeological monument, namely the Altamira cave and the ancient karst mountainous area of ​​Atapuerca.

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