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Baisic information about USA

  • The United States, called the US, is one of the largest countries in terms of size and population. The US consists of 50 states and a federal office. After large-scale immigration from many countries, a large number of ethnic and national groups have settled in the US. The United States is based on a multi-cultural society, based largely on the tradition of immigrants from Western Europe. US annually visits several million tourists. Tourism is therefore an important part of the economy. The landscape offers visitors many natural beauties, interesting places, historical sights and fun attractions. The most visited attraction in the US is Times Square in Manhattan, New York City, which attracts over 35 million tourists every year.

The US offers visitors many attractions, various festivals, amusement parks, sports, historical monuments, museums, galleries, and many hotels and restaurants where you can sample culinary arts. If you decide to visit United States of America book cheap flights to any part of the country at discounted rates through our website